Lexi Pyle Alexis Jayne Pyle : 4th child


14 Months

Lexi is awesome. She's begun using the potty, and loves sitting on there to earn chocolates. Her hair is growing out. She likes power buttons. And cookies. She used to just pick out her own clothes, but now she picks out Chrissy's clothes too. She loves to clean, including mopping the kitchen floor and scooting a chair up to the sink to help do the dishes. She loves to sing along with songs, be it the radio, Glee, or songs the family belts out. Lexi refuses to sit in the high chair (because only babies use high chairs). The high chair is in the garage now. Apparently big kids dance on the kitchen table, because she won't sit alongside the rest of us.

- Mommy (didn't write this)

Edit: Oh yeah and this happened:

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