Lexi Pyle Alexis Jayne Pyle : 4th child


18+ months!

So we missed a few months there. Who knew having 4 kids would keep you so busy?

Here is what you missed:

15 Months:

Favorites: Dressing up, fairy wings, tutus, bows, music
She turned 15 months just before Halloween. We went on a vacation to Chicago where she spent some time with Aunt Kiki. We went to a water park, a How to Train Your Dragon musical show, downtown Chicago, china town Chicago, small towns in suburban Chicago, and the Children's Museum.  She did well on the long drive to Chicago and back. We split it over a couple days each way and that helped. We also weened just before the trip. That helped a lot of the trip.

(Last picture is foreshadowing!!!)

16 months:

Favorites: Dresses/skirts, food, climbing, music, elephants!
So this one occurred just before Thanksgiving! We visited the Dallas zoo around this time. Lexi loved seeing the elephants as she has taken to loving them the most. Christalynne has even taught her how to make elephant noises!

We decorated our tree that week as well. We had a blast visiting more family over the holiday. Lexi got to spend time with all of her cousins, which she loved, as well as grandparents and aunts and uncles. She showed how shy she has become in the last few weeks, retreating to her little shell anytime we were around people and exploding with chatter and song when she thought we were alone. She did at one point during our weekend retreat with the Pyle family go up to people and try to tell them about the elephants she saw at the zoo. She would flap her hands on the side of her head and say ella and make the sound. No one quite understood, but it was amazing to watch her come out of her shell a bit.

17 Months:

Favorites: Dolls, music, singing, talking, books
17 month was right before Christmas. We had a crazy week starting on this day as it was also Mommy's birthday. We had Christmas on the 23rd at our house and then went to Oklahoma to celebrate with family. Afterwards we came home and had a nice rest with Daddy getting to stay home from work until the new year. For Christmas, Lexi received a new baby doll, a play house for the backyard, a play kitchen for inside, and many other wonderful toys and clothes.

Lexi starts talking more and expressing her feelings. She started claiming things as hers! Oh the lovely sound of "MIIIIIINNNNEE!" is now screamed at top levels. She also like to say "No" In fact if you say yes, she says no. Cute!

18 Months:

Favorites: Music, puppies, talking, singing, phones, macaroni, hair bows, babies, blocks

This month has been full of fun. Our doctor refers to Lexi's personality type as strong willed. Boy is she ever. She has been expressing herself through art lately. She loves to color the floor, the walls, and paper occasionally! It is wonderful she loves art, I think that is rad, I just wish would keep it to less expensive things to fix. :) McKayla and Kiefer had their litter of 8! puppies. Lexi has enjoyed them tremendously. She is very gentle with them and oh so sweet. In fact she loves them so much she gave them her little stomach virus. Doh! So FYI, the norovirus is transferable to dogs. Lexi had her language screening this month. She tested at a 23 months overall. Very receptive to understanding and expressive as well. She is working up to more complex sentences this last week combining 3+ words. She also has been referring to herself more. She has also been more interested in hair and putting bows and hair ties in it. She lasts about 5-10 minutes then takes them out, but always asks to put them in her hair when she get dressed.  She has been so expressive. This girl makes the greatest expressions, they are precious. She can now do the itsy bitsy spider completely on her own in hand motions. It is adorable, as is anything this kid does. Man we are in trouble.

(The I am not getting my way face)

I think that about catches us up!

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14 Months

Lexi is awesome. She's begun using the potty, and loves sitting on there to earn chocolates. Her hair is growing out. She likes power buttons. And cookies. She used to just pick out her own clothes, but now she picks out Chrissy's clothes too. She loves to clean, including mopping the kitchen floor and scooting a chair up to the sink to help do the dishes. She loves to sing along with songs, be it the radio, Glee, or songs the family belts out. Lexi refuses to sit in the high chair (because only babies use high chairs). The high chair is in the garage now. Apparently big kids dance on the kitchen table, because she won't sit alongside the rest of us.

- Mommy (didn't write this)

Edit: Oh yeah and this happened:

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