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13 months

This has been the busiest month I think we have ever really had. It has been a crazy few weeks at least. Nothing wrong with that, just going constantly. Lexi has grown so much. Her hair has grown, she is taller, she talks more, and she knows more. She is also even more ornery than before, if that is possible!

We didn't take too many photos for her 1 year shoot, so we took her out again yesterday to get a few more at this age. She looks different even between the first photos we took a month ago and these. She is also much less cooperative! Ha. We didn't even think to do a smash cake, as she doesn't smash cakes, she eats them pretty well, so none of that for this refined lady. Just adorable cuteness.

She has a favorite bunny and a favorite blankie. She technically had 2 favorite blankets, but one was lost at the hotel when we were working Quakecon. It got mixed in with the bedding on a day we had maid service and we haven't seen it since. :( Fortunately it was not the handmade one and it is highly replaceable. So in her pictures she has her favorite green hand knit blanket that our good friend Tracy Ingalls made for her. She loves this thing so much, she would not put it down for this set of photos.

She is totally weened. Oh wait, no she isn't. I have all of these excuses, but the fact is we just haven't done it. We are currently painting her and Xander's room. So we have the issue of not having a room to really do this weening thing in. I could do it in one of the other rooms, but not as easily. So I am kind of waiting on that to be done. I wonder what excuse I will have once it is done? She is my last one, I don't want this stage to end. *sigh*

She eats pretty well for us. She loves eating whatever I am eating especially. She loves yogurt still, fruit, some finger foods like cereal, and she likes any bite that comes from my plate. :P

She is talking more. She says a lot especially when singing. She repeats things she hears, sometimes knowing what they mean, but generally getting the context right. She counted to 4 when getting ready to climb something the other day. We laughed, as she doesn't understand numbers, but she hears Xander count all the time before doing something, and she picked it up.  She will sing a whole chorus of a song, just belt it out, but doesn't say any of these things when not singing. She does say things to us, though, it isn't all repeat! She told a little story the other day about going bye-bye and saying hi to everyone, and then going bye bye as a baby. Her favorite music artists are Lenka, Casper Babypants, Maggie McClure, Ellie Goulding, and Walk off the Earth. We should make a cd, it is a pretty good mix.

She climbs everything. She climbs on the chairs to climb on to the desks or tables, to climb onto the next thing. She is a crazy little climber getting into everything.  She enjoys doing whatever she wants regardless of whether is is allowed to or not. She knows "No", she understands she isn't supposed to be doing whatever it is, yet she continues or will speed up and do it faster. We are trying our best to stop this, but omg this girl is so funny and cute. We are in trouble.

She still likes to put everything in her mouth. I am hoping she grows out of this one soon, as Xander is getting into Legos.

She has shown a lot of interest in drawing. Xander showed hardly any, so this is a nice change for us. She really LOVES it. Perhaps we have a mini artist on our hands. She absolutely loves watching us draw the mural pencil drawings on the wall and then watching us paint. She had to join in. We may have taught her it is okay to draw and paint on walls, but hey, they are just walls, not such a bad thing to teach her. :) I was hoping to have the room ready to show off by now, but we did only start a week ago, and had a mini trip out of state during that time.

End of Summer has been busy:

  • We start school with the big kids this next week.
  • I have been working nights since July.
  • We have been to Oklahoma twice in the last month.
  • We are painting a full room mural.
  • We have a few photo shoots coming up.
  • Chrissy wrote and we photographed a book last month.
  • Xander starts Kindergarten curriculum next week.
  • Adam has had a few major deadlines at work.
  • We had a litter of puppies go home a few weeks ago.
  • We worked Quakecon the first week of August.
  • Lexi turned 1 with a birthday party out of state.
  • We went to a music concert with the bigs.
  • We had a family reunion.


y other stuff I forgot to add. Some birthday parties and a wedding. Crazy I tell you! So we are looking forward to settling into fall and having a less busy and more time to play.  :)

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1 year!

Lexi is a whole year old! As many of us realized we can't believe it is only a year. It feels like she has been walking for so long and can keep up with Xander so well, we forget she is so young.

This week has been challenging for us. I am trying to ween her with mixed success. She mainly wants to nurse when she is tired. Not necessarily hungry, but just to fall asleep. We are in Oklahoma for the week and it has helped having her aunt Kiki around as she tends to fall asleep with her easily enough. She even fell asleep at her first birthday party with the help of Aunt Caron.

We have Quakecon next week, so we are hoping to have her weened prior to the event.

Lexi's first birthday party was a great success. She had a laundry day theme. She loves clothes, bubbles, and water, so we thought, Why not? We had wonderful food, decorations, and tie dying activities for the kids. We had a lot of our family there to celebrate her first year. She loved the bubbles and enjoyed seeing everyone. She didn't quite get the whole present thing, as she wanted to play with each thing as she opened it. She really did enjoy each gift though. :) Thanks to Everyone that made it for making her day so special. A special thanks to Tracy for providing a wonderful place to hold the party, and to Christy for all the wonderful decorations and invitations she made. :)

More pictures here!

All of us minus Adam, stayed in Oklahoma after Lexi's first birthday party. With my sister in town we wanted to get some family time in this summer and we were already up her for the birthday. This creates a great opportunity for us to take Lexi on her first train ride home on Saturday. Xander is beyond thrilled, I think we will all enjoy it.

She has been eating a lot more solids but not liking too much of what she has tried. She likes fruit, cheese, yogurt, and bread, but not much else. We are working on it though. I think she would nurse for a lot longer given the chance. She does not like cow's milk or soy. She likes lemonade, too bad we can't ween her on that!

Lexi still sings a lot. she makes up songs as well as tries to sing along with songs she hears regularly. She surprises us with many words that she can sing. She is still a babbler when it comes to talking on her own. She really likes to repeat things, though.

She is still an ornery little thing. She definitely knows what no means, yet she persists and tends to do things anyway. She usually has a big smile on her face too.

She likes to shake her head no, wave hi and bye with vocalization. She enjoys pretending to talk on the phone. She likes to play in a pile of clothes. She enjoys balloons and balls.

She has enjoyed playing with the puppies for the last month as well. As they have gotten so big and all but one has left us, she has really enjoyed their company and playing with them. She learned how to clean floors from watching us clean their pen! She would mimic our actions on the outside of the pen with a paper towel. So cute.

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